Welcome to the UX/product portfolio of OD Ntuk


Welcome to the UX/product portfolio of OD Ntuk


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BET Op-Ed Articles

Project Overview

From time to time, authors write controversial articles that may be considered offensive. Prior to this editorial project, authors were de-emphasized which would make users think that the article was more associated to BET as a brand rather than the author. With this project, we gave op-ed articles a tag treatment, and moved the author closer to the title of the page, and included a legal disclaimer to give Op-Ed articles a different distinction from our typical articles.


Project Snapshot



Brainstorming/Requirements Gathering Session

We spent time capturing requirements from stakeholders and analyzing the current layouts before we did another redesign. We ended up coming to the following conclusions:

  • Authors are placed at the bottom of articles as opposed to the top which is standard practice. This made it appear that BET was too attached to controversial articles.
  • There is no visual treatment for Op-Ed articles making them appear like any standard article.
  • There is no disclaimer associated with opinion pieces that make it clear that the opinion is that of the author and not of BET.

Competitive Research

Our intern spent time research different Op-Ed treatments from different digital publications so we could get a sense of what Op-Ed best practices were being used.

After the analysis we were able to determine the following:

  • News sites tend to have separate Op-Ed sections
    ⁃ Some sites even have sub-sections of specific Op-Ed content
  • Op-Ed websites tend to use a combination of an Op-Ed or Opinion tag and/or add Op-Ed to the title of articles.
  • These websites also tend to have author directories and author profiles



I put wireframes together based on the requirements from the brainstorming session and the additional competitive research that was performed.

Op-Ed Hero Treatments

Stakeholders were not sure which hero treatment to choose, so we needed to give them multiple options to choose from.


Op-Ed Hero Treatment Options

Final Design Comps