Welcome to the UX/product portfolio of OD Ntuk


Welcome to the UX/product portfolio of OD Ntuk


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BET Shows Redesign

Refresh of show pages to give them more of cinematic look and feel similar to our apps

Project Overview

I worked on the competitive research, the UX specifications, and the business requirements for our Shows section redesign. Our agency partner – Red Interactive – led the redesign. I checked in regularly with them along with our product team to ensure that the designs met our business requirements, and conformed to the specifications that I defined.


Project Snapshot


Brainstorming/Requirements Gathering Session

I met with the product, design, and show stakeholders to capture requirements for revamping the show related pages on the site.


Key Notes

  • The current site makes it hard to find content in general
  • It is hard to find the latest episodes
  • The content organization is confusing to users
    • Need to separate clips from exclusives and full episodes
    • Need to prioritize shows that are in season along with the latest episode(s)
    • Need an area to surface additional content type such as articles attached to an episode
  • We have a problem with surfacing legacy content from years past that users may still want to watch

Competitive Analysis

UX team and I spent time performing research on other networks and their show pages. We wanted to get a sense of what best practices are in the industry. We also want to take a look at other brands that we felt were pushing the limit and get a sense if we have the capabilities to move in that direction.

Usability Analysis of Current BET Show Pages

I spent time analyzing the current BET sites to figure out what can be improved considering the requirements that were established and the competitive analysis that the team performed.

Site Map & User Flows

I put a site map and user flows together to map out how the pages and processes will work within the new show pages.


Desktop Wireframes

Mobile Wireframes

Design Comps

Red interactive put together visuals based on my wireframes and definitions. I followed up with them regularly with feedback coming from key stakeholders to make iterative tweaks to the layouts.