Welcome to the UX/product portfolio of OD Ntuk


Welcome to the UX/product portfolio of OD Ntuk


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Quote Catalog

A social literary research site that allows users to save quotes

Project Overview

Quote Catalog is a literary research website that helps its users’ index quotes. I was the product owner on this project and helped the client flush out their idea and define key use cases. I put together the product roadmap and generated wireframes for the project. I also oversaw the development team using agile scrum project management and ran the project with weekly scrums and two-week sprints.


Project Snapshot

Site Map

This particular client was the rather rare client that had a relatively solid understanding of what they needed. I only needed to spend time mapping out the pages needed for the vision. In this rare case, I skipped a product prioritization roadmap.


Quote Catalog Site Map


I met with the client to review wireframe ideas and get sign-off on the correct direction to take for layouts.

Design Comps

The UX/UI designer –  Jenn Park – worked on visual designs based on my client approved wireframes. I worked closely with her to incorporate her ideas that were slightly different from the wireframes and worked to help her get them approved by the client,

Choosing Color Palettes

The client struggled a bit with choosing color palettes, particularly with the header and footer designs. I worked with Jenn to put multiple options together to help him come to a final decision.