Welcome to the UX/product portfolio of OD Ntuk


Welcome to the UX/product portfolio of OD Ntuk


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Client concept work for a passive social tracking iOS app

Project Overview

ThoseNights was a client project for an iOS social app that would allow the app to track the user passively over the span of a specified period of time on given days. The app would track where the user was at any given time with the specified span. The user could then corroborate where they were and choose what snippets of their day they would want to publish on the profile. The app also allowed friends to follow the events of their friends.


Project Snapshot


Product Prioritization Roadmap

Sample Page from Product Priority Matrix



Site Map & Logic/Process Flows

I worked with the client to map out the pages within the app and the key interactions and flows.


Site Map


Profile Interaction Flow


Notification Interaction Flow



I worked with the client to create wireframes based on the requirements from the product priority matrix once the logic and basic interactions were defined and agreed upon.


Profile View


Previewing Night


Exploring Nights Out


Notification of Night Out Curation

Design Comps

Worked with Milos on the design comps based off of my client approved wireframes.