Welcome to the UX/product portfolio of OD Ntuk


Welcome to the UX/product portfolio of OD Ntuk


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Fintech Client Brainstorming/Definitions Project

Project Overview

TrustVantage was a fintech client idea for helping wealthy individuals with assets overseas stay on top of required reporting requirements for U.S. taxes. I worked on helping the client define the idea, and tease out what was most necessary for an MVP. I then put together wireframes for a potential interface.


Project Snapshot


Client Brainstorming Session

I spent time with the client picking his mind and gathering requirements. I took the requirements on sticky notes and performed a card sorting exercise to group relevant content together. I was able to help the client scope out MVP requirements for his initial launch.

Flushing Out Requirements

Entity Relationship Diagram

I spent some time figuring out the interconnectedness of the entities involved in the project. I needed to map them in order to sort out what type of design would be the most effective for the complexities of the project.


Entity Relationship Diagram


Site Map

I mapped out the pages that would potentially be needed to full fill the needs of the entity relationship diagram.


TrustVantage Site Map

Security & Privacy

Securing client information and maintaining the privacy of these ultra-wealthy individuals was very important to this client. I met with the backend development team to discuss a potential solution. This was prior to the wider adoption of blockchain technology which could be an interesting solution to help with anonymizing and securing information. The only potential drawback is the ledger functionality of blockchain technology.


Security/Privacy Data Flow


I put together an experience that had two main views. The grid view is more of table-based data heavy view. The map view has diagrams to help visualize a wealthy individuals assets with different symbols to help determine what each asset is. For the onboarding process, I decided to go with a more vertical parallax type of architecture with a visual trail of the steps required.